Kirsten Lentz

Kirsten Lentz, PhD, LCSW

she / Her

I am a psychotherapist, psychoanalyst, clinical supervisor, writer and lecturer. I am a warm & approachable person.

I have worked with patients for the last 17 years, helping people overcome a variety of difficulties, including depression, anxiety and panic, trauma, grief, health crises, body image issues, relationship conflicts and the pain of divorce or separation. I work with people who have experienced sexual assault and childhood abuse. I work with many artists and creatives. I have been with people through gender transition and coming out, as well as the difficult process of addressing the social traumas of marginalization or violation due to race, class, nationality, gender and sexual identity.

It can be so difficult to move through the world peacefully, especially in times as rancorous, divisive and chaotic as these. We have to create moments of contemplativeness and togetherness to allow ourselves growth and change.